Yeaaah! We really get the crowd to express what they think. We are super focused on the social-part, like nothing else out there!

Measurable Opinions

We provide the tools to get measurable opinions on things! We know it is awesome, and meaningful, more than a Facebook like, a re-tweet or an Instagram heart.

A True Platform

We are a true platform, in a very new-fashioned way. Want to give meaningful opinions? Or get meaningful Opinions? Great, now you know you are in the right place.

Share Your Content

Whether you create your own content or take it from the Internet, upload whatever that you are into and share it with our community. Our platform supports rich content such as video, audio, images, animation and text. It’s easier than ever to share it across multiple social networks once its up!

Engage Users

Our “Opinionated system” is designed to be measurable, shareable, and above all, fun! The simple yet powerful system allows you to ask for relevant and measurable feedback on your content, engaging your audience into a direct dialogue with you. Watch as they work towards forming a consensus on different variables that you have set for them.

Grow Your Audience

Everyone is opinionated and loves to share their opinions with their friends. With Beee, an opinionated platform, you will engage your users meaningfully, raise your page views, increase time spent on your content and get measurable, meaningful opinions, all in the name of fun!

A platform where you come together,
To form consensus of opinions,
Through meaningful feedback,
On things that matter to you. Simple